About Us

  Hoyle Suspension is a customer focused business that has specialised in manufacturing quality suspension upgrades for MG’s. These systems greatly improve the handling and ride characteristics and compare favourably with modern sports cars.

They were designed and developed by Gerry Hawkridge of Hawk Cars and John Hoyle former owner of NG Cars, both highly respected specialist car manufacturers producing Cobra replicas and thirties style roadsters based on MGB components.

Both the front and rear systems have undergone exhaustive testing which has included many hours of track work to fine-tune the design. We are greatly indebted to the late Trevor Taylor’s support and enthusiasm who, in his much loved MGB V8 Roadster, did many hours of road test work with our prototype IRS. Further improvments have been made with the introduction of the 108mm IRS and MGR V8 front system which have been thoroughly tested by Mark in his LS3 6.2L MGR.

These front and rear kits have been designed for easy fitting that can be carried out by the competent amateur. Hoyle Suspension passed to Mark Wanstall in 2014, who owns Fisher Services both companies have relocated to the Somerset / Devon border. (January 2024)  (www.fisher-services.co.uk) Mark has many years experience of fitting and using the systems and can supply and fit the whole package if required.

No cutting of the bodywork is required, the standard track dimensions are retained, and the original components could easily be re-fitted at a later date.

All parts are manufactured from good quality materials to very high standards, powder coating or plating being employed throughout. Every last nut & bolt, and instructions are included in the kit.

We have many very satisfied customers around the world, including a 2003 Overall Championship winning competition MGB owner, and a German Classic Car specialist who has gained TUV approval.

We are always happy to discuss, and advise on, individual suspension requirements.