Front 4 & 6 POT Brakes:
Available for MGB, MGC & MG RV8

  4 POT Brakes:

Our front brake kit has been developed to be a simple bolt-on replacement for standard and modified cars to improve the braking efficiency and reduce the unsprung weight without requiring any further modifications to the braking system.

The calipers have been designed with road use in mind and give a stylish appearance, and have integral mounting lugs for specific MG application. They feature a rigid lightweight aluminium body, which is machined from billet bar and hard anodised inside and out, as are the four pistons, safeguarding the long term efficiency of both caliper body and components. The design incorporates dust seals and internal brake fluid transfer galleries, and the 6 steel bolts provide the rigidity to reduce flexing.

The cross sectional area of the combined pistons is only 2% larger than the standard GT and V8 brakes and therefore does not change the capacity requirements of the hydraulic system. However the pad area is increased by approximately 20%, subsequently increaseing braking efficiency significantly. Each caliper weighs only 1.7kg and contributes to a large reduction in unsprung weight.

Standard 'off the shelf' pads are used and can be sourced in different materials eg: EBC range (Green Stuff, etc) Mintex, Ferodo....


The 10.75" (272mm) vented discs are the same diameter as standard ones, and the calipers fit within 15" wheels, 14" wire wheels, or 14" bolt-on wheels with minimum 310mm internal diameter required. They are also 'off the shelf' and are fitted with a special bell (supplied) to adapt them for fitting to MG hubs. Vented discs are nearly double the thickness of solid discs and are much more capable at absorbing the heat.

NEW Available MGC kit:

Includes 4 POT CNC machined lightweight aluminium calipers with dust seals, 292mm x 20mm ventilated discs on bells, stainless hoses, pads and fittings. (Suitable only for 5 1/2" wire wheels)

Stainless steel braided hoses and the necessary fittings are supplied in each kit to enable the bolt-on replacement to be carried out simply without the need to source additional components.

N.B. A modified version of these calipers is also available for use with BV8 solid 1/2" discs, and can be purchased seperately.

6 POT Brakes:

For a full brake upgrade, consider 6 POT Brakes, with lightweight calipers and vented rotors on bells. They are available for MGB and MG RV8, and with the correct wheel clearance (17" rims), 335mm rotors and 28mm thick vented 6 POT is possible.

They have been designed with a thicker body than that of the 4 POT calipers allowing the pistons to sit more deeply within the body. The increased thickness of the body gives the caliper extra rigidity which in turn reduces any flex of the caliper under extreme conditions. They have an external fluid cross over and use high temperature EPDM seals as standard. The pads on the calipers are also 33% longer than the 4 POT calipers, giving a greater surface area, in turn increasing surface grip.

(4 POT Caliper and disc)

(6 POT calipers and discs)