RV8 Front Suspension

  We have recently designed and introduced a new RV8 Front Suspension system, which is fully adjustable with new bottom block with new ball joint fitted. With the lower ball joint repositioned outwards, negative camber is introduced, allowing for an increased surface area in contact between the tyre and tarmac. Subsequently, more grip on corners and a tighter turn in is achieved.

Due to variations in front Chassis/Cross Member tolerances, fine adjustments can be made by moving the top ball joint using our unique shims, ensuring that both sides are equal.  
  Top mount with retaining bracket for brake hose as per original    Adjustments made to the top ball joint using shims  New bottom block and lower ball joint, plus rose jointed anti-roll bar    Modifications to front cross member     
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  To compliment the RV8 system, we can offer both polybushes and stainless steel braided brake hoses.