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        MGA MGB MG RV8 MGC
  Front Coil-Over Suspension:
Available for MGA, MGB & MG RV8
  Kit includes: Wishbones, Coil Over Units, all fittings and instructions   £1240 £1200 £1755  
  Exchange Modified Power Coated Cross Member (if required) - MGB only     £220  
  Cross Member Surcharge     £160  
  Set of Polyurethane Bushes (if required)     £95 £77  
  Cross Member Poly Mounting Pads (Car Set)     £35 £35  
  Stainless steel braided hoses for front brakes (RV8 only)     £55  
  Stainless steel braided 3 hose kit for front and rear brakes (RV8 only)     £83  
  MGB & C Alloy Front Hubs (Pair)     £485  
  MGB Front wheel bearings (Car Set) Timken O.E.     £66  
  Front Brakes- 4 POT:          
  Available for MGB & MGC          
  MGB kit includes: 4 POT CNC machined lightweight aluminum calipers with dust seals, 10.75" (272mm x 20mm) ventilated discs, stainless hoses, pads and fittings. (Suitable for 15" wheels, 14" wire wheels, 14" steel rostyle wheels or 14" bolt-on wheels with minimum 310mm internal diameter required.)     £879    
  For 14" bolt-on wheels with below 310mm internal diameter, please enquire.        
  Calipers only - to suit BV8 solid disc     £550    
NEW Available MGC kit includes: 4 POT CNC machined lightweight aluminium calipers with dust seals, 292mm x 20mm ventilated discs on bells, stainless hoses, pads and fittings. (Suitable only for 5 1/2" wire wheels)
Front Brakes- 6 POT:
  Available for MGB and MG RV8          
  Kit includes: CNC machined billet aluminium calipers with high temperature EPDM seals, with discs from 300mm to 335mm (dependant on wheel size)     From £1320 From £1320  
  Front Cross Member (Complete):          
  Available for MGB          
  Exchange "Ready to go" fully built cross member with above suspension and 4 POT brake kit, including stub axles, and hubs for bolt-on/wire wheels          £2855(bolt-on wheels)
(wire wheels)
Exchange surcharges:   
  Cross Member     £165    
  Stub Axle       £140    
  Independant Rear Suspension (IRS):          
  Available for MGA, MGB, MGBV8, MGC & MGRV8          
  Kit includes: Diff sub frame plus hub carriers, wishbones, coil over units, stainless steel brake hoses, handbrake cable, bushes, bolts, fittings and instructions   E.V. version MGA available POA E.V. version MGB coming soon POA    
        MGA MGB/MGC MG RV8  
  IRS Kit with 100mm flange (recommended for under 250 bhp)   £2710 £2645 £2695  
  IRS Kit with 108mm flange (recommended for over 250 bhp)   £2770 £2705 £2755  
  Specifically manufactured shorter half shafts (pair) for use with 100mm flange:   £250 £250 £250  
  Specifically manufactured shorter half shafts (pair) for use with 108mm flange:   £305 £305 £305  
  Ford Sierra/Granada (Standard parts required for IRS)      
  Differential unit (Re-Built): Ratios: 3.9, 3.6, 3.3, 3.1, 4.2, 5.1, Std open, Viscous LSD, or Quaife ATB in 100 or 108mm   3.9 Open 100mm   £1030
3.3 Viscous 100mm £1560
3.3 Quaife 100 or 108mm £2450
5.1 Quaife 100 or 108mm £2635
All Subject to Availability
  4x CV Joints (new) for 100mm flange:   £255 total  
  4x CV Joints (new) for 108mm flange:   £360 total  
  2x Steel Rear Bearing Carriers, and stub shafts with new bearings fitted   £325 a pair (100mm/108mm)  
  2x Aluminium Rear Bearing Carriers, and stub shafts with new bearings fitted   £415 a pair (100mm/108mm)  
  2x Drive flanges for MGB/C Bolt-on Wheels   4 Stud £250 a pair B
5 Stud £260 a pair C
  2x Drive flanges for MGB/C Centre-lock wheels (Ford flange and converter)   £270 a pair - new wire wheel adaptor, second hand Ford flange
(when available)

£335 a pair - new wire wheel adaptor, new Ford flange (always available)
  2x Solid brake discs and calipers   £415 (253mm diameter discs)
£460 (273mm diameter discs)
EBC Brake Pads £49
  to suit LT77 & R380   From £270  
  to suit T5 slider   From £285  
  to suit MGB 1800   From £185  
  for other Gearboxes/Lengths       POA  
  NB: All above Ford Parts can also be sourced second hand          
  V8 Exhaust system for use with IRS:          
  Manifolds & Centre Silencer & Standard Rear Silencer     £1200    
  Manifolds & through pipe & Standard Rear Silencer     £1095    
  Manifolds & Centre Silencer & Large Rear Silencer     £1240    
  Manifold & through pipe & Large Rear Silencer     £1135    
  V8 Conversion parts:          
  Tremec T5 Gearbox 5 Speed     £2495    
  Rover V8 Bell Housing for T5 & TKO 600     £625    
  External fork & slave     £310    
  Internal hydraulic release bearing     £325    
  Drive plate 91/2"     £185    
  Rover V8 to T5 Spigot Bush     £27    
  LT77 & R380 Gearboxes                  Please Ask          
  JWR Inlet Manifold     £ - NCA  
  Thermostat housing     £40    
  Webber 500 Carb     £440    
  Carb Banjo 90deg     £21    
  Carb Heat Insulator     £29    
  Manifold Gasket & Seals     £29    
  Mr Gasket Low Rider Air Filter     £77    
  Throttle Cable and fixing bolt     £20    
  Edelbrock Rover V8 Inlet Manifold     £445    
  Wheels and Tyres:          
  3 Piece Alloy Wheels of varying styles   POA  
  Dunlop Style Knock-ons     POA