I thought that you'd like to know that driving over 20 odd miles near my home I was very impressed with the new suspension’s ride and the differential was also very quiet - just a quiet “hum” - especially given that it is effectively just behind the ears in a “B”!  The moorland road to my house from the motorway is heavily rippled (it is laid on old peat bog) which it handled with aplomb - the 5 link live axle was dreadful.  Really, little worse than the BMW except - possibly - where considerably more suspension travel is required when it wiggles a bit. Not exactly surprising given the arcs through which it has to travel.  Even then much kinder to my back and neck!   The front (Hoyle) is set fairly firmly and the back relatively softly which seems about right but, obviously, will have a “play” later. The front springs are 225lbs which will keep for the moment.  It is clearly an excellent piece of engineering.  Thank you. 


Geof, Lake District



Although I love my RV8, I always felt it was somewhat let down by its ride quality and handling.  Therefore, last year I took the plunge to upgrade my RV8’s rear suspension with Hoyle’s independent rear suspension (IRS) kit.  It would be difficult to overstate the impact this had has in transforming the handling and grip from the back end. 

I’ve been so pleased with the IRS that when I heard Hoyle had developed a new front suspension for the RV8, I had to give it a try.  I am amazed with the result.  It has single-handedly removed all “wheel patter” I used to feel through the steering wheel on uneven road surfaces.  Together with the IRS, my car now feels firmly planted on the road which has significantly enhanced handling, comfort and safety.  On those occasions when I want to drive in a more spirited manner, I can now do so with confidence.  Mark at Fisher Services MG couldn’t have been more helpful throughout this process, letting me test drive a car that already had the suspension installed and then completing the installation quickly and efficiently.  He probably has more experience installing Hoyle kits than anyone else.


Hoyle frequently quotes a satisfied customer who once said that the IRS kit was probably the best single modification you can make to an MG.   At the time I had my IRS fitted, I agreed.  However, with the release of the new RV8 front suspension upgrade, I would update this quote as follows:  “The IRS and front suspension upgrades are together the single best modifications you can make to an MG.

Tim, Kent

Just to say that I am delighted with the result of the conversion which has maintained the handling of the earlier Moss kit that I had.  However, it is no longer harsh and uncomfortable, so the performance overall is a huge improvement.


Bill, Oxfordshire

I have had Hoyle Front and rear suspension fitted on my 69 MGB V8 Roadster for approx. 10 years and can honestly say that it is the best single modification you can do to an MG apart from fitting a V8 engine!! The amount of comfort and confidence it gives the driver compared to the traditional leaf spring set-up is like night and day. For UK roads having the adjustability is paramount due to the generally poor surfaces but at the same time if you want to take your car on the track you can just change the settings and away you go.

The quality and design of the kit is outstanding, and after 10 years I have not had any issues with it at all. Due to his many years restoring and repairing MG’s, Mark at Fisher Services can advise you on the fitting of the kit or indeed fit it for you and I can thoroughly recommend their services.

Simon, Derby

After having the rear suspension fitted last year and now this week the new Hoyle front suspension I have been amazed by the difference it has made to my RV8, its like driving a completely different car ,no more shaking or hop skip and jump its a pleasure to drive, the RV8 now rides like a far more modern car, the huge difference it has made has certainly been worth the expense and I would certainly recommend it to any other RV8 owners.

Geoff Mower

Despite enjoying my well-maintained, low mileage MG RV8, the ride had always seemed to let it down. I had read many reviews recommending the improved ride having fitted the Hoyle Rear Suspension System; I decided to take the plunge.

The car was transformed! It's suspension now absorbs the vibrations from deteriorating roads with ease, no longer crashing or bumping at the rear. In fact, I was so impressed that I have just had the new RV8 Front Suspension System fitted as well. The car now feels like a modern car, no longer bothered by the state of the roads. Overall, the ride is superb, providing the level of comfort that I'd always hoped for.

I would thoroughly recommend both systems, both for the quality of the components, and for the results they've produced.

Chris, Bromley

I have been building, modifying, competing, and generally using my cars hard since the 1950’s.

My daughter seems to have followed in the family tradition, certainly in the competing arena, this in her 1.8K series engined, much modified MG Midget. In the early days she and a fellow competitor would drive to an event and I would follow in my B. However, it was almost impossible for me to keep up with them because their handling was such that they were able to tuck in close on corners, whereas I would be fighting to keep on their tail, even though my MGB had all new suspension parts and was in tip-top condition.

After visiting the 2002 Stoneleigh MG Show were I saw the Hoyle front suspension kit, I placed an order so that I might stand a chance of staying with my daughter’s Midget.

The kit arrived looking just as good as it did on the stand, every thing was in excellent condition and complete with all the parts need to carry out the fitting. Following the very clear and well written instructions, I carried out a small modification to the cross member and a little bit of welding, which was all done with the car up on jacks. Once fitted the suspension offers a wide range of settings, as the castor and camber are fully adjustable, as are the springs and shock absorbers.

For the road test I set the castor to standard, the camber at 1 degree negative and the springs and shocks to mid way (the ride is up to you). A quick flip up the road to settle the new set up, another check to make a few further adjustments and to see all was secure, and then off to try it out… To say I was amazed would be an under statement. I found the car now handled like a modern sports car. I was able to turn in hard into a corner and whereas before I would have to work really hard to stop the drift to the middle of the road. Now my MGB tucks in and stays tucked in, it feels totally secure on the road. It is particularly effective, especially on my many trips on the Continent. Those lovely French roads, where you can really get on with your motoring are now a great joy. This kit has made a tremendous difference and I am a very, very satisfied customer.

Doug Fisher, Cheltenham

I recently completed a major rebuild on my MGB roadster, which included a V8 conversion and your front and rear suspension. On our first outing, which was quite a long journey to an MG show, my wife slept for the first time ever in an MGB, this she blamed on the much improved ride quality.

Jon, Worcestershire

My BGTV8 is used daily and over the years has undergone many suspension and engine upgrades (now 4.6L stage 2). I recently had your IRS fitted and am extremely impressed, this is the best single improvement that has ever been made to my car.

Mike Waterson, S. Wales

Your suspension systems on my NGV8 are having no problem in handling the 450bhp/ton that I have available under my right foot. I have driven the car in anger on the track and the handling is superb and I still have not found its limits, it is as good as my TVR Griffith.

Bo Jorgensen, Denmark

I like to imagine myself as an engineer and truly enjoy tinkering with my MGB, so I love things like the Hoyle IRS kit, but even I need assistance now and then. However most “tuner” parts that are purchased are pure “caveat emptor” with no customer support. No so with John Hoyle. For example, when I wanted advice on installing and tuning my Webber carburetor I had to buy a book and spend hours with trial and error fiddling. On the other hand, when I had a question with the installation of the Hoyle IRS kit, I got on the phone, or sent an email and had an answer the next day. The single largest change I ever made to my car was also one of the easiest, as I was able to talk directly with the engineer who designed and built it. And he was happy to talk about it, share ideas and even mailed additional parts at no extra charge. I couldn’t be happier with the kit and the level of customer support is simply the highest I have ever experienced.

Rob Lockwood, New York

"Driving the car around the Highland roads is a real joy; no more front wheel patter on rough surfaces, there is very little roll and the back end stays firmly planted to the road. Axle tramp has been eliminated and on hard acceleration the car just squats a little.”

Geoff King, Kincardinshire

Thanks again for the quick response as it helped me move my project forward again. I'll be sure to pass on the kudos to others in the industry about your GREAT customer service!!

Pat Kaye, California, USA

Thank you for all your help to this point, seriously your customer service is the best I have seen.

Jason Tyng, USA

My 2 litre GT with your front kit handles better and corners faster than my BV8 with an RV8 X/member.

John Neighbour, Sussex